2 Mar 2020  •  News  •  1 min read

First medical cannabis clinic to open in Scotland

Coming to a city near you…Medical Cannabis Clinics across the UK – will it happen?

It has been 15 months in the making but at last it appears that Scotland will very soon have its own first Medical Cannabis Clinic to help suffering patients find relief from their conditions.

According to The Times – The unit, which aims to provide medicinal cannabis for “all conditions acknowledged to benefit from it”, is scheduled to open in Aberdeen.

It was back in November 2018 that the use of Medical Cannabis was approved for use across the UK but very few have benefitted as they need to be prescribed by “specialist doctors” rather than GP’s.

The medical cannabis landscape is changing – but it is taking time and they key role of MMRC is to help suffering patients find out more and where these centres are being opened.

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