20 Nov 2019  •  News  •  2 min read

Medical cannabis trial agreed to target 20,000 patients in the UK

Over the next 2 years up to 20,000 patients in the UK will be given medical cannabis. This initiative aims to create the largest body of evidence on the drug in Europe.

Medical cannabis was legalised in the UK in November 2018 but remains very difficult – if not impossible to obtain, according to campaigners.

Here is why I support this medical cannabis trial:

I have arthritis in my ankles and it has got worse over the past couple of years. I tried CBD oil and it is really helped me. My mother is 85 and had similar problems – she now takes CBD every morning with honey and cider vinegar. She can now easily climb the stairs and was dancing last month at her birthday party – she swears by it!

With so much CBD hype out there in the media I decided to go to a Medical Cannabis conference in Berlin earlier this year. And then a seminar in London where a panel of cross party MP’s discussed the pros and cons and supported its use.

The first-hand stories I heard at these events regarding the effects of Medical Cannabis on more severe diseases such as MS and Epilepsy were quite compelling. So much so I set up this website to try to match people looking for Medical Cannabis prescriptions and matching them with specialist doctors who are willing to prescribe the drug. The website will also offer online medical educational support to doctors who wish to know more and we are partnering with specialist in the UK and Europe.

It’s early days and I believe the Project TWENTY21 – set up by a leading independent scientific body on drugs in the UK – Drug Science – is a great initiative. More clinical trials are needed to help reduce suffering and allow patients to legally use what I believe is an incredible natural drug that we do not fully understand.

Peter Riches – Co Founder MMRC

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