27 Jun 2019  •  News  •  2 min read

Cannabis Europa – a great success

MMRC launched the website portal that aims to help patients, who are looking for medical cannabis prescriptions, find specialist doctors across the UK. As well as listing some of the questions that patients need to ask their GP, the portal will shortly be offering doctors accredited educational programs on prescribing medical cannabis.

A highlight of the event was the Cross-Party Cannabis Debate which included Norman Lamb MP, Crispin Blunt MP, and Sue Mountstephens, Avon and Somerset Police and Crime Commissioner. Chaired by Andrew Neil from the BBC, the limited rescheduling of Medical Cannabis for just 3 key area of medication was challenged along with the length of time it may take to align the UK with other countries in Europe and North America – Mr Neil’s comment of “a new meaning of glacial slow” was well received by the audience.

The medical cannabis conference was attended by over 1200 visitors and had 80 guest speakers who included many pioneers in the industry and patient advocates. Lobbying to de-stigmatise medical cannabis and allow more prescriptions to be given in the UK on the NHS were a focal point. As of today, according to the panel – just 4 medical cannabis prescriptions have been given on the NHS since rescheduling the drug in November 2018.